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I recently served court documents on a young lady in Baldivas; upon receipt of the documents she became distraught and disturbed. The service was a complete shock and mostly unexpected.

I explained the circumstances of the matter to her and that she had to attend court.

This created more angst and concern and she began crying unrestrained. She went on to explain that the matter came about as a result of a personal issues with a close friend (past).

I attempted to explain the legal processes to her but it appeared that she was too upset to be cognisant of all the details; I informed her of my background (police officer) and advised that the court process was not overly officious nor intimidating provided that one was properly prepared and had all relevant documents and evidence to hand. She requested more information.

I advised her that I was prepared to assist in preparing a response for the court, on her behalf, if she thought it may be helpful. I provided my contact number, reminding her of the relevant court date.

The young lady did ring me requesting my assistance with her legal matters and I subsequently met up with her; I briefed her on the court protocols and assisted her to secure relevant documents and we prepared a court response for the Magistrate.

I was later contacted by the young lady and advised that she had attended court with confidence, presented her case per my instructions and as a result received a favourable outcome from the presiding Magistrate.

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Ross Stevenson

Ross Stevenson

Ross is a decorated (ex)police officer with over 28 years experience; he holds various accreditation which includes: Diploma of Public SafetyDiploma of OHS (with distinction) & a Certificate IV Training & Assessment

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